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Debbie Ashman - Deb's Hot Rod Chili

Deb’s Hot Rod Chili
Debbie Ashman, 2007 Terlingua International Chili Champion

2 lbs. of coarsely ground meat
1 8 oz. can of “El Pato” tomato sauce
1 15 oz. can of beef broth

Mix the following spices for dump 1

1 Tbsp onion powder*
2 tsp garlic powder*
2 tsp beef crystals1 tsp of chicken crystals
1 Tbsp of Pacific Beauty Paprika*
1 Tbsp of Mexene Chili Powder*
½ tsp cayenne*
¼ tsp black pepper*
1 package Sazon Goya*

Mix the following spices for dump 2

1 Tbsp of Mexene Chili Powder*
1 Tbsp of Hatch Mild Chili Pepper*
2 Tbsp Cowtown Light chili powder*
1 Tbsp Mild Bills dark chili powder*
1 tsp cumin*
¼ tsp white pepper*

Mix the following spices for dump 3

1 tsp onion powder*
1 tsp garlic salt
1/4 tsp cayenne*
¾ Tbsp Cowtown Light Chili Powder*
1 Tbsp cumin*

Cooking the Chili

1. Gray the meat and drain grease
2. Slow boil meat in beef broth & 1 equal can of distilled water
3. Add dump 1 and medium boil for 60 minutes
4. Add dump 2 and medium boil for 45 minutes
5. Add dump 3 and medium boil for 15 minutes.
In last five minutes taste for heat - adjust as required,

* These spices available from Mild Bill’s Spices, etc.