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Mild Bill's Spice Co., Inc.
113 W. Knox Street
Ennis, TX 75119

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Shipping Information

Mild Bill's is committed to getting your order to you as quickly and cheaply as possible.   Our website is able to closely estimate the cost of shipping your order from Ennis, TX to your doorstep!  If we can save your money through different shipping options - please don't hesitate to contact us before or after placing your order. Orders are shipped Monday-Friday.

From August 30th - May 31st, we experience our BUSIEST time of the year!  Due to the sheer volume of orders we receive, as well as the size of each individual order, it takes a little longer to get orders processed and shipped.  Express shipping applies only to the shipping time - not the processing time.  If you need your spices sooner or have questions regarding the timeframe of your order's processing and shipping time, please contact us via phone or email.  Mild Bill's is always happy to answer your questions.  Please remember - our spices are not prepackaged!  Everything is kept fresh in our walk in cooler and packaged as ordered!

In order to better serve our customers, Mild Bills will occasionally suspend store hours and shipping so that we can personally offer our products to our customers directly at cook-offs. We use our homepage to communicate this important information to our customers, such as store closings, hours of operation, etc. that is not visible on the mobile site. When placing an order, please make sure you are viewing our full site and not the mobile site. Mild Bill's Spice Company, Inc. cannot be responsible for how our website is viewed on mobile devices. You can usually switch over at the bottom of the page by clicking on "full site". Due to the implementation of this policy, Mild Bill's will no longer refund shipping charges on orders placed while we are closed. We make sure we notify our customers in advance of any store closings and any orders placed during that timeframe will be shipped in accordance with the notification placed on our homepage. We thank you for your cooperation! We don't like for your spices to sit in a hot post office all weekend.  For this reason, we do not ship on Fridays during the hot summer months.  Should you place an order on Friday, it will be packaged and shipped out on Monday.  If you need it to go out same day for Monday delivery, please let us know. We do not issue product refunds based on delivery issues brought on by the US Postal Service or UPS and their numerous delays and/or delay notifications.  We make sure all packages are dropped off in time to be processed the same day and cannot be responsible for delays by either entity.

The quality and freshness of our spices is of utmost importance to us.  We keep them in the cooler until you order them.  From there they are packaged by the Spice Queen and then immediately shipped to you using the USPS or UPS. Your spices are so important that the Postmaster himself personally picks the orders up from our store every day!!  We love the personal service of the Ennis Post Office and it's that same kind of service we want to pass on to our customers.