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Mild Bill's Spice Co., Inc.
113 W. Knox Street
Ennis, TX 75119

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Website and Product Information Policies

In order to better serve our customers, Mild Bills will occasionally suspend store hours and shipping so that we can personally offer our products to our customers directly at cook-offs. We use our homepage to communicate this important information to our customers, such as store closings, hours of operation, etc. that is not visible on the mobile site. When placing an order, please make sure you are viewing our full site and not the mobile site. Mild Bill's Spice Company, Inc. cannot be responsible for how our website is viewed on mobile devices. You can usually switch over at the bottom of the page by clicking on "full site".   Due to the implementation of this policy, Mild Bill's will no longer refund shipping charges on orders placed while we are closed.  We make sure we notify our customers in advance of any store closings and any orders placed during that timeframe will be shipped in accordance with the notification placed on our homepage.  We thank you for your cooperation!


Mild Bill's Spice Company, Inc.; The Only Thing "Mild" About Us Is Our Name; Have a Spicy Day; and Keep it Spicy, Ya'll are not to be used without the written permission of Mild Bill's Spice Company, Inc and/or Kelly and Gary Brignon.  The product names and images including but not limited to: Cadillac Cowgirl Chili Blend, Cowtown Light, Stockyards Special, Spice Queen, Taos Lightning, Terlingua Dust, TD (61) Mild, Mild Bill's Dark, Pacific Beauty, San Antonio Dark, San Antonio Original, Spice Mistress, Spice Mistress BBQ Rub, Sassy Syrup, Texas Twist, Sonoran Seasoning, Spirit of the West BBQ Rub, True To Texas Chili, Gunpowder Chili, Jalapeno Ranch Dip Mix, Hot Stuff, Arizona Dry Heat and RT Original are the property of and registered products of Mild Bill's Spice Company, Inc. and may not be used or reproduced without the written permission of Mild Bill's Spice Company, Inc and/or Kelly and Gary Brignon.

All recipes are the property of Kelly Brignon and Mild Bill's Spice Company, Inc.  They are not to be used for commercial purposes.

The TICC Winner recipes are used with the permission of the winners.  They are not to be used or re-posted on other websites without the written permission of the winners.